The First Method Or Mode For The Appointment Of Judges

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A. ELECTION BY THE PEOPLE The first method or mode for the appointment of judges which will firstly be discusses is the election of judges by the people or also known as popular election (direct election). (Gilchrist, 1921) When speaking of popular election, what will come across our mind is that the election will be appointed through party election; whereby various political party contests in a direct election or poll. During this period of election, each political party may nominate a candidate for the position of judge. Besides than provide support in term of political party image or ‘brand’; political party also provide other assistance such as financial support, campaign and others. The assistance and support given by the political party is crucially important to ensure that the candidates nominated by the political party will be able to won the election against other candidates from their opponent. Through the assistance provided by the political party, it is clearly reflected that the candidate which contest for the office of judges, is highly depending on the political party and electorates. This highly-reliance relationship of judges over the electorate and political party is a dangerous threat to the impartiality and independence of the judicial body. This is because, in making decision, the judge which is elected by the people, need to ensure that the decision made fulfill and reflects the view and opinion of the people. (Gilchrist, 1921) Due to the fact that
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