The First Mind Trap Problem

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The first mind trap problem concerned an A-shaped roof. We were supposed to figure out what would happen if wind was blowing with equal force on both sides of the roof, and a rooster were to lay an egg on the point at the top. Would the egg roll down the north side? Or the south? Initially, we didn 't have the faintest idea how to solve the question. At first we thought that the southern wind wouldn’t be able to push the egg at the top of the roof because it was an updraft, then we looked up how updrafts work and realized that updrafts didn’t work the way we thought. We also drew a sketch of the house to get a better image of what was happening, in case the direction of the wind had something to do with it. Then Sean read it again and…show more content…
The owner of the store wants to know how much fruit he can purchase from the farmer. Then we are provided with information to figure out how much fruit the farmer can produce. Finally, the question asks us how many plums will the farmer be able to deliver to the store? Initially, Patrick and Sean asked for the numbers again so they could calculate the exact number of fruit the farmer could produce. At this point I obliged them, not having figured out the problem yet, but after reading it aloud to them again I realized the farmer owned a pear tree and could not possibly produce any plums for the store. After I discovered this I told my group to read the card as opposed to having it read to them, they both quickly picked up on the true answer. The biggest problem once again was the gap between our initial state and goal state. There were three major obstacles that slowed our progress the first was the clever framing of the card which only told us once that the farmer had a pear tree then refer to the pears as fruit. This second obstacle occurred later when the card asks us in the final question, how many “plums” can the farmer produce? This is yet again framing as it starts with the same letter as pear and contains the same amount of letters. If the question had used “pear” in place of “fruit” throughout the question we would easily make this
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