The First Modern President Of The United States

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The First Modern President of the United States: Theodore D. Roosevelt Some may wonder why Theodore Roosevelt would deserve the title “the First Modern President”. He accomplished many things, and although he was liked by most, he promised he would not run a second term. In his short four years as president, Theodore Roosevelt was able to pass many acts such as: Dolliver-Hepburn Railroad Act, Extension of Forest Reserve, National Irrigation Act, Improvement of waterways and reservation of waterpower sites, Safety Appliance Act, Employers’ Liability Act, Regulation of railroad employees’ hours of labor, Establishment of Department of Commerce and Labor, Pure Food and Drugs Act, and the Federal meat inspection. Theodore Roosevelt was born…show more content…
Theodore Roosevelt’s mother also died the same day in the same house, he was brokenhearted and in misery leading him to temporarily leave politics and become a cattle rancher in the Dakotas. Two years later, he married his childhood friend, Edith Kermit Carow. They had a total of five children, four boys and a girl: Theodore "Ted" III (1887–1944), Kermit (1889–1943), Ethel (1891–1977), Archibald (1894–1979), and Quentin (1897–1918). Before being president, Theodore Roosevelt was many things: a member of the New York State Assembly, a U.S. Civil Service Commissioner, President of the New York City Police Board, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Governor of New York, and Vice President from March-September 1901 when he succeeded to the presidency. Theodore Roosevelt became president on September 14, 1901 after President McKinley was assassinated on September 6, 1901. He was the youngest president the nation had ever had; he was 42 years old. He served through most of the first decade of the 1900’s. He was determined to build a canal across the Panama. The United States helped Panama gain its freedom from Colombia. The U.S. then made a treaty with Panama to gain the canal zone for $10 million including annual payments. Theodore Roosevelt was very involved in foreign policy. He added the Roosevelt Corollary to the
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