The First Museum I Visited Was The Museum Of Fine Arts.

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The first museum I visited was the Museum of Fine Arts. My first thing notice was the overall environment and calm vide when walk in. As soon got inside I first talk to the front desk which she gave sticker that permit to visit different type of areas. However, they have strict policy on having your backpack on during your visit, which I didn’t find very surprising. So, had to drop it off at a different desk which was cool. I was only able to bring my camera and journal with during my tour. It wasn’t allowed to us flash at any area throughout my visit. Since it was my first time coming to this museum I really didn’t have any ideal where to start. Thankfully they a lot staff member walking that could direct you into right places. My first…show more content…
He uses geometric and organic shapes that such as your basic rectangles, triangles and squares. Geometric are implied into the houses and furniture. The organic shapes you could see in the throughout whole piece. You could see from the trees in the background it not as detail as the one in front. By creating it into a form of tree you could define what it is from a far. You could also see some organic in the clouds. Organic is “having irregular forms and shapes, as though derived from living organisms”. I’m truly amazed that artist could do so much with a two-dimensional painting. He created a his are to become as if you see as the hills. The say “artist can create the impression of three-dimensional works, such as paintings and drawing.” I personally think that was the artist motive. For the time and motion, I could place in early 1960s - 1970s. I’m assuming from the boots that are made wood, and the way people dress it has dated far back. I also could notice that the Americans are holding a document and the guy with red blanket that some type of trade is happening. Giving you an ideal that some kind trade or deal happing at that moment “Remember that even a static artwork, such as a painting, drawing or sculpture can express emotion”. I feel express overall ideal to viewer point of view throughout the painting. His depth was amazing. The atmospheric perspective drew me in as if I was on field trip. The artist directs you

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