The First Of The Five Periods

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The first of the five periods is the Puritan Period which lasted from 1646-1824. This period had poor laws and for poor and neglected children. In this time period the fathers had complete control over their families and children. If the child disobeyed the father then the child could get the death penalty. In 1646 Massachusetts passed the Stubborn Child Law which means the first status offense an act considering illegals for minors which became unrevised for 300 years. In this period of time the age of the juvenile made a difference. In this period if a child was 7 and under then they could not be convicted of a felony but at the age of 8 they could be convicted of a felony. If accused of a major crime then they at 8 years of age would proceed through the juvenile justice system. In this period of time it was up to the family to make sure the children obeyed and done what was right and was punished accordingly by the father. The children were very important in this time because they would either work for the family to help with the home or they worked as servants. The Industrial Revolution changed the face of America forever. In this period of time families left their farms and went to the city to work in factories. They used the children to work in the factories which in return made problems for families because the children had to obey their bosses even in the parents did not agree with the boss. This in return made poverty more real for more
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