The First Person I Interviewed Essay

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I interviewed two male college students here at Missouri State University who are homosexual. With us being in such a transitional time as a country on our perspectives of the LGBTQ community I was curious to know what their experiences have been. The first person I interviewed was Samuel Rothman, a freshman Wildlife Biology major from St. Charles, Missouri. He is 19 and is Native American and white. He comes from a family of five, his parents, his two brothers and himself. He gets along with his younger brother very well and he fully supports Sam in his sexuality. His older brother has autism and does not do well with change, and so even though Sam loves and cares for his brother and he does the same for Sam, the issue of his sexuality stresses his brother out. His mother is a teacher. He describes her as being extremely supportive of him and his brothers and makes sure to be there for him. His father works at Walmart and because of his crazy hours he often is too tired to be really involved. However, Sam said that when he spends time with his kids, he makes sure to make it count. He fondly told me of how every Super Bowel, his father makes it a “Man’s Day” where he spends the whole day with his sons. Sam came to Missouri State because of his first campus tour where he saw how much the university emphasized acceptance and treating everyone with respect no matter who they are or what they believe. The slogan then was “Follow your passion, find your place”, and at a time
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