The First Phase Model For Strategic Planning Essay

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The first phase of Patrick Sanaghan 's (2009) five phase model for strategic planning is getting organized. The first part of this phase consists of the president putting together a planning task force – PTF. Sanaghan (2009) argues that the PTF should be co-chaired by one high-level faculty member, and one senior administrator. The rest of the task force – 20-30 members – should be comprised of a diverse mixture of faculty and staff, who represent a wide variety of groups on campus (Sanaghan, 2009). Once established, Sanaghan (2009) argues that the PTF should formulate a year-long schedule of planning events and also develop a transparent, easily accessible, communication system. Next, the PTF must partake in an engaging training session where they will learn about the strategic planning process and collaborative meeting strategies.(Sanaghan, 2009). The second phase consists of gathering data and engaging all stakeholders in the process. Sanaghan (2009) explains that the intended outcome of this phase is to connect stakeholders in an engaging, interactive environment, that fosters the development of ideas. He believes that data gathering should primarily be collected through face-to-face interaction, with secondary use of surveys (Sanaghan, 2009). One way interaction can be facilitated is through planning updates, which Sanaghan (2009) describes as an interactive discussion process among campus stakeholders. At these updates, the present status of planning should be
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