The First Phase Of Strategy Work

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Information collection

The first phase of strategy work is to gain the information of case company. Our case company is a nonprofit organization ---MacMillan Cancer Support. The first thing we did is to get to understand how charity works. After the first group meeting, we decided to find the information about the company and the industry individually and then made a pool of collected information. As a student from China, I knew little about charity because in my country charity is not a big industry and people seldom pay attention to this field. Charity was a totally new thing to me and I started to learn it from scratch. At the beginning, I felt a little perplexed and I did not know where to start my research work. I searched in the
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We felt we needed to make some change to move forward then we turned to the framework we learned the lectures.

Information analysis

Our first step was to identify the goal of MacMillan. Unlike profit-driven company, charity’s goal is not to chase profit but to make the world better. Their intentions are always altruistic. According to their homepage and their annual report we found their nine outcomes as their goals. They are devoted to cancer support to make sure that everyone affected by cancer will not face the disease alone.

After specifying their goal, we moved to the environmental analysis. Since it was in the first few weeks, we chose the PEST and five forces framework to use. When we started to analyze, a main problem came to us. Since MacMillan is a nonprofit organization, the definition of its competitors confused us. Should it be all the charities worldwide or only the local cancer charities? Through looking up the textbooks and identifying the industry, we thought that in this industry they mainly competed for the funding, so we defined their competitors as all the cancer charities which searched for funding against MacMillan. Since the definition of their competitors has been clarified, we started to look the industry. We thought the hospitals and hospices could be the substitutes of charity and the new cancer charity would be the potential entrants. In the five
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