The First President Of The United States

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After the Revolutionary War, the United States wanted to implant a strong relationship with Britain and also with France. Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, helped settle hostility with Britain and with France. By doing so, he helped to negotiate the Louisiana Purchase, started trading more with other countries, and also made it easier for immigrants to become citizens. What Thomas Jefferson was trying to do was to improve foreign relationships and establish a foreign policy. It is necessary to do so when creating a new country. Countries need to create a basis of how they will interact with other counties. Years later, however, James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States, changed Jefferson’s foreign policy. Instead of being warm and welcoming to new people, Monroe composed the Monroe Doctrine, stating that any country trying to colonize in North America would be an enemy to the United States. In only fourteen short years, the United States went from trying to gain positive relationships with other countries to wanting to have no connections with anyone outside of North America. So, if that much changed in only a few years, how is our foreign policy now? No matter if you agree with our current foreign policy or not, you can agree that our policies have significantly changed in the last two centuries. However, the main basis of the United States’ foreign policy has always been directed towards keeping peace and democracy…
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