The First Presumption Associated With Dominant Privilege Is Innocence

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Innocence. The first presumption associated with dominant privilege is innocence (Cullinan, 1999). In contrast, people of a non-dominant culture may be assumed to be guilty because someone of their non-dominant culture was guilty in the past (Cullinan, 1999). In my education, I have been given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to innocence. In high school, my school library was having a problem with students stealing library books. As I was leaving the library one week, the alarm went off, but the librarian did not bother to check my backpack. Instead, she waived me on and assumed I was innocent because I am a small, blonde, white girl. She assumed that I would not be the culprit of stealing library books based on my appearance. On the other hand, she might have reacted differently if I was an African-American boy in this situation. The stereotypes and biases associated with non-dominant cultures strip people from receiving the same treatment (Cullinan, 1999). Competence. The second presumption that is given to people of a dominant culture is competence, whereas people of non-dominant cultures have to prove their competence (Cullinan, 1999). One example of when I was a part of the non-dominant culture was when I was in my high school calculus class. Males are often thought to be the only gender competent in mathematics or science, so women often have to prove their competence with these subject fields. It was assumed by my teacher that males were competent in

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