The First Repeated Word Is Child

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The next repeated word is child. Paul was explaining being a child not only physical appearance but also the spiritually. When a person is mentally and/or physically as a child, the person is not able to connect to God. They are not able to understand what God is trying to communicate, and God is known to communicate through different ways. This is shown by Paul used of Greek word, nepios, which means infant. He was comparing them to infants in their spiritual maturity and love. However, he continues to say as he grows his relationship to God he becomes less like an infant. Therefore, if a person does not pay close attention to what God is saying, the person may lose the meaning and the message of God. Therefore, when Paul said that he has been able to understand God he has left his childish ways of thinking, acting, and speaking. Now that he is a man, he knows that his responsibility is different from those of a child. Now he is responsible to stand up and defend the word of God. “Is not” and “does not” are also repetition. Paul wanted to make his statement as clear as possible of what love should look like and should feel like. Not many people do not understand what love is or feels; for this reason, Paul explained that love should not have a negative feeling. That love should not bring people down, rather love should be of support. He explains that a person should not feel successful from the failure of the other person; or that a person should not irritate another
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