The First Responsibility Of Government

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The first responsibility of government is to provide for the common defense. This is what the Bush Strategy supports, requires defeating America 's enemies; which it identifies as a mix of terrorists, tyrants, and partly technology. September 11, 2001 established beyond a doubt that devious networks of individuals can create great chaos, suffering, and terror to not only American shores but to all nations worldwide. Oppressors in some nations have turned their countries into victims. They abuse their own citizens, display no respect for international law, and are determined to obtain weapons of mass destruction, support terrorism around the world, and violate basic human rights. The world of modern technology makes these terrorists and…show more content…
In time, China was hoped to find that social and political freedom is the only basis of that greatness. The United States has helped nurture this change by cooperating with China where possible, without allowing the differences that do exist, such as human rights, and nonproliferation commitments to interfere.

The third strategy in the Security papers of 2002 was simply preserving the peace that was to be accomplished according to the Bush Administration after the first two strategies were completed and successful. The Strategy challenges that extending freedom, democracy, and free enterprise to every angle of the globe is a strategic and a moral part. Strategically, the events of September 11, 2001, taught us that weak states, like Afghanistan, could pose as great a danger to our national interests as stronger free states. Poverty does not force poor people into terrorists and murderers. Yet poverty, weak institutions, and corruption can make weak states vulnerable to terrorist networks and drug organizations within their borders. Morally, the poverty that grips much of the world is the opposite of American values. In short, a world where some live in comfort and luxury, while half of the human race lives on less than few dollars a day, is neither just and/or stable.

The European Security Strategy (ESS) has been both praised and criticized for being relatively short, only 16 pages. Indeed, Javier
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