The First Restoration Continues

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During 1963 and 1964 summers, restoration work continued at the island. Dad hired Ronald Shutler and Jon Short to work on the house in 1963. Jon only worked for us that one summer whereas Ronald assumed caretaker duties through 1967 when he returned to farming. Ronald had grown up on a farm in nearby Hammond, and like many young men who grew up on farms, he was a tireless worker who possessed the desirable trait of staying on task.
I have a photograph showing Ron and Jon painting the front steps while a pair of neighbors and my sisters are painting the lattice. I recognized the date of this “painting party” as August 17, 1963. Dad makes reference to this event in his diary. It was the same day Dad and Mom’s hosted their second annual cocktail party.
Ron and Jon came to work while I was at summer school near Lake Chocorua, New Hampshire. I fell victim to the “sophomore slump,” and consequently needed to make up a couple of courses in a six-week session at the High House venue. When I returned, I learned Jon had taken on the assignment of painting the tower by default.
I asked Ron, “Why aren’t you doing some of the tower painting too?”
“I’m tending the ropes for the boson chair and when Jon drops a brush like he did yesterday, I lower a new brush to him. He also sends the empty paint can up to me when he needs a refill.”
“Couldn’t you get the job done quicker if you both painted?” I asked.
“Probably, but I developed a overwhelming fear of heights after I fell thirty feet
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