The First Round Of Tournament Play For The Silver Division

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We officiated the first round of tournament play for the silver division. The teams playing were Northern Impact 16’2s team and Crex 15’s team. The first set was uneventful; however, the second set issues started to arise. Northern Impact had run a 5-1 in the first set and the second set, but with different setters. Issues started to arise as I called them first on being out of rotation as the setter was in the incorrect spot before the server on the opposing team had made contact. I then proceeded to call her on multiply carries. After the second time calling her, I turned to her coach and told her that the player in question had to quicken up her contact as she was almost catching the ball, bringing it to her chest, and then throwing…show more content…
Specifically the parents being inappropriate and the players foul language and attitude. When I found the site director, I explained to her the calls I made and my reasoning behind them. She said she knew which setter I was referring to and said that she had recently run a setting clinic to try to fix these issues. I also spoke about my concern over the parents behavior. I stated that I was disappointed that parents were acting this way and that I felt that the situation was inappropriate. I also expressed concern that my player had felt threatened to have an upset parent approach her while she was officiating. After speaking with her, I returned to the gym as we had to play Howard Lake.

We played Howard Lake and won the first set. When we were about 13 points into the second match, I had another Northern Impact parent approach me while we were playing a match, when we weren’t playing their team, and accuse my girls of making racist and threatening comments to a Northern Impact player. I know that this is untrue simply by the fact that both Chad and I were by the girls the entire match and would have heard any interaction that would have taken place. I told the parent that this was neither the appropriate place or time to be having this discussion and I would happily discuss her concerns after our match. She continued to yell at me
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