The First Seven Seals Of Revelation

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From 1908 to 1948 some of the world’s most horrific historical events are, of course, a time that connects directly to the prophecies in scripture. Because Scripture lives in the Bible, the people reading the Bible should value God’s words as to how he expects them to respond not only in the event but to how the people should act as the events unfold. In fact, the first Seven Seals of Revelation are of a prophetic nature and the statements in the book are of an emblematic imagery, in which God intends how his are to listen to His words. Consequently, as the imagery parallels to any one of these life events they are in large a warning of what will happen to His children who do not listen.
In the Bible, there are many parts of these forty years that are subjective in how Satan can line people in an up in a group as he enjoys the ability to destroy. Each event is like an arrow pointing to the next event, and by understanding the metaphors, anyone can project the final outcome. While of course, the main event in the Book of Revelation is the second coming of Jesus Christ, God uses his son to teach his other children about the topics of, human choices, man elected rulers, the trustees of evil, Satan, his armies, and how the church becomes unqualified during times of trouble. In this same scripture,
In other words, as humans are a product of a superior being, each person has by birth the basic understanding of survival and any neglect to their natural intuitions gives their
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