The First Sexual Revolution During The Era Of The Roaring Twenties

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The first initial Sexual Revolution happened during the era of the Roaring Twenties. Women were becoming more promiscuous and they had become more comfortable in their own skin. They would start to wear clothes that they felt appealing rather than clothes that others felt appealing. During the Roaring Twenties sex became a topic that one could converse with ease rather than a topic that everyone would just not talk about, still during this time families would not talk about sex with their children. This all changed with the second Sexual Revolution, mothers were able to talk about it with their children. The ideology of sex has changed from the Baby Boomers to Generation Y because the Sexual Revolution made it a less taboo topic to talk about. Many people have various different ideas of what sex actually means. For many sex it is something they won’t do do until they are married and they know they wanted to have decided on just one sexual partner, for others it is an act they have casually with strangers they just met at a party a few hours ago. The ideology of sex is the general idea of what sex actually is, which is how people’s perspective of sex has changed from one generation to the next. An example of this is that the Baby Boomer’s parents were very conservative with the idea of sex generally waiting until marriage; but in reality some would still have sex before marriage and would often have a gun shot wedding. Since the parent’s of the Baby Boomers were living in…
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