The First Song Of The Playlist Was Called Almost Alright By Noveller. Noveller

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This week I listened to a program from the New Sounds collection. It was on electric guitarists/ composers. This collection first aired on July 21, 2014 and it consist of ambient electronic artists, who are known for creating sonic landscapes with their music. The first song of the playlist was called Almost Alright by Noveller. Noveller is an artist who plays her own music and tries to explore the different uses and sounds that can come out of a single guitar. She uses the different sounds to create unique textures in her work. The song started off with a periodicity of chords, which sounded like notes from a scale. I could not recognize which one but I could hear the descending of the pitches. Then there was an undertone note that was consistent. The song overall was slow but it contradicted the typical sounds of an electric guitar. I kept expecting for the music to speed up, but it didn’t. The artists instead played with the length of sustainment in each note. I thought it was interesting to hear how long a note could last and how it created a constant interval with the melody. This idea gave the piece more texture within the vertical organization. This piece of music was written in a 4/4. The constant repetition made it easy to notice the time signature. In this listening activity and song, I realized just how interesting the timbre of an electric guitar is. With each pluck of the strings I noticed the vibrations of each pitch and how they sounded when they were being

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