The First Song The Piano

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I.In the first song the cello was placed in front of the piano. The song was allegro to moderato. At times it would speed up to allergo, but usually stayed at moderato. The song was also piano when the tempo was moderato. when the song would pick up speed the sound was also rise to mezzo piano. The second piece of the song started out as andante, but then quickly picked up to allegro or vivace. The musicians was very into the music. You could follow the entire story of the music just with their facial expressions. The third piece of the song was fast or vivace and fortissimo. The song was almost rushed, as if something bad had happened or the were running from something. it did not sound deep or dark at all so maybe it was not bad. II. The singer was placed in front of the piano, but staged so you could see them both. The entire song was in French. They did have it translated on the screen, but something happened to the projector and the lyrics were lost about half way through the first piece. This made it very hard to follow exactly what was going on in the song. Yes, the lyrics were also in the booklet that we had, but I personally did not want to be staring inside of a book. Much rather be watching them perform and their facial expressions. What i could understand was a love/ heart break song. The song was andante to moderato. The second piece of the song was very vivance and forte. the impression i got from this piece was almost
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