The First Source By Qui Jin

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Both primary sources being compared come from Chapter 18 in “Worlds Together, Worlds apart.” The first source was written by Qui Jin, an early twentieth century Chinese feminist. In her essay titled “An Address to Two Hundred Million Fellow Country Women,” she details the injustices to Chinese women in this period. Jin also connects the fate of the Country to chinese women’s futures. By doing so she puts a nationalist view into her essay. The other source is another feminist piece; this time coming from Bahithat al-Badiya, where she criticizes Egypt’s religious traditions in effect to women’s freedom. Both women show some of the feminist ideas that were circling society at the beginning of the twentieth century. Throughout the turn of the century worldwide insecurities were rampant. Although modernism was Another insecurity would be the changing of roles for women in a society that was already losing many social constructs due to the rising popularity of modernist views. However, with decreasing economies and job loss, people start turning on their governments, and trying to revert to older more traditional ways. Modern views were starting to be rejected by many, and the growing anxieties of modern women fed to the views that change is for the worst. Both these women’s radical views represented the desire for new identities. A common desire for the time, as people grew dissatisfied with their governments and wanted reform. Although a small group, Chinese feminists were

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