The First State Use Lethal Injection For Execution

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Texas was the first state to use lethal injection for execution in 1982. Fast forward 33 years, the topic of medical professions participating is an intense debatable topic. There have been multiple attempts of execution that have failed terribly; however not all of the mishandled executions were due to the lethal injection, but also electrocution and asphyxiation. The moral question here is though, as a role in the medical profession who is dedicated in preserving life when there is hope, should they or should they not participate in an execution? Although it is necessary for doctors to check on people physically and mentally, it is not necessary for them to carry out the execution. For most proper execution of lethal drugs have been able to declare the inmate dead between six to 13 minutes after. Yet, sometimes not everything goes as planned. In the case of Clayton Lockett, an inmate from Oklahoma, his execution started late. Not only that, but after being given the first drug, a sedative to help them become unconscious, did not actually make him unconscious. But the physician who had checked him made a mistake and thought he was conscious and allowed the two other drugs to be given to Lockett. One drug to paralyze him and the other drug to make his heart stop. Lockett writhed in pain for a few minutes; then having the execution halted after a physician found that the vein had ruptured. He died 43 minutes after the execution had begun, of a massive heart attack. Also it
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