The First Stop On My Cpr Tour

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Crystal City Underground

The first stop on my CPR tour was the Crystal City Underground. This awesome cave sits in the heart Crystal City, which is located about 30 miles south of St Louis, MO. Carved into the Mississippi river bluff this cavern was once an active sand mine serving a local glass plant, Pittsburgh Plate Glass factory, with materials for almost a century. In the 1980’s the plant and the mine were closed, allowing water that was pumped out for decades to begin to flood portions of the cave. The recent owners of this cave decided to turn the property into a tourist attraction. They built up area’s for children to explore, adults to play games, a stage for bands to play, a sitting area with large TV’s for sports and other event enjoyment, and barges to take tours on while exploring the depths of vastness this cave has to offer. On the day of my arrival I had the pleasure of experiencing a dark path being well lit with over 400 carved pumpkins along what was pleasantly titled the Great Pumpkin Walk. As I ventured along I could see multiple paths that led to deeper parts of the cavern. Many of these paths were blocked off for what I am assuming were safety reasons. After walking what seemed to be a half mile I arrived at the tour barge. Loaded with 8 passengers our tour guide, Steve, took us deep into the cave and explained its history while showing us fascinating things. I witnessed my first close up experience with cave bats, got to see permanent

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