The First Strength Of The Apple Inc. Essay

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660 The first strength of the Apple Inc. company is the financial position. The Apple Inc. developed to number one company in the globe and conquered the capital market. Yoffie and Penelop, 2012, states that Apple Inc. holds a solid financial located with a total assets of $162.90 billion. He also claimed that the Apple Inc. is the company that holds biggest trade out hand up to $116 billion. The Apple Inc. are financially strong enough to invest more in research and development to retain their outstanding position and their net revenue of 46%. The second strength of the Apple Inc. company is the separated products. The Apple Inc.’s personal computer operating structure is well secured. It were built free from viruses and hackers which tend to attack the Windows programming of Microsoft. Besides that, the Apple Inc.’s products are structured to address the interest about consumer’s ways of life which make the realistic framework and create of Apple’s products better than their competitor’s products in a similar market sector. Meanwhile, the Apple Inc. company holds the upper class sophisticated software products which is diverse from the other competitors. Each Apple Inc.’s products are produced from high quality products, such as aluminum, which consolidated with unique designs. These elements in their unlimited cluster of products make customers to sense that they have an expensive and glamourous product when they carry any Apple Inc. product. Weaknesses The first weakness
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