The First Successful Settlement Of The United States

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Many people do not realize the way history has impacted today’s life and find it a waste of time to be learning. When really our lives would not be anything near to what they are today. Jamestown was founded in the year 1607 and was the first successful settlement in America. Due to its success many more settlers came to America from Great Britain. Jamestown taught settlers what was needed to be a successful settlement which then caused more and more growth in America. It was an example for other settlers to use and create other settlements and caused states to be created and for population to grow, which is a big factor in all of history and today without this we would have not created the US. Virginia House of Burgesses was the…show more content…
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut is the first written constitution in the Americas singed by Thomas Hooker in 1638. With this being created it set a base for the U. S constitution which was created over 100 years later. Without this the U.S constitution would have not had been created or had a base to go off of and we would not be granted the rights that we have now. The orders set a structure for the government and set its power Treaty of Paris was signed by the English and the French in 1763. The treaty ended the French and Indian war and caused France to be kicked out of North America. Without this treaty the French would still be in the U.S. The treaty freed Americans from the French. Proclamation of 1763 is a law passed by King George III that meant colonist could not settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. King George did this because he did not want expansion accruing in the U.S. Since there was nothing to enforce the law many still continued to move west. Without the Proclamation many settlers would have left the eastern part sooner and other states in the west such as California would have not been colonized. Also many natives would have taken over land. Sugar Act was a tax on imported sugar to the colonies that was created in 1764 by King George III. Colonist raised revenue to pay for the French and Indian war. This was one of the first instances in which colonists wanted a say in how much they were taxed. If this tax would have not been created
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