The First Test I Was The Race

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The first test I took was the Race IAT. I had to classify words or pictures of people in groups. The website made it clear that going fast was important. This IAT showed pictures showed faces and the categories were European American and African American. The next round was words, and the categories were Good and Bad. The round after that combined the pictures and words. On the left there was European American and the word Bad on the right was African American and Bad. That was all the test was, classifying the words and pictures. Since it was my first time taking this test I thought there was going to be something related to stereotypes and questions asking my opinion. I was surprised when I finished. The categories switched sides and Bad was then paired with European American and Good with African American. My result was that I had a moderate automatic preference for African American compared to European Americans. I was surprised about this response. Growing up I went to all white schools, did not have numerous relationships with African Americans. Since college that has changed but I believed subconsciously I would have a preference to European Americans. I do not understand how sorting the pictures and words into categories would determine a preference. But now that I am aware hopefully I can catch myself in situations of preferring Africans Americans.
The next test I took was the skin tone IAT. It asked me questions about myself, like my ethnicity, race, religious
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