The First Three Noble Truths

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Throughout this paper, I will be discussing the first three Noble Truths. I will first explain each of the three Noble Truths. Then I will explain how each of the three Noble Truths would be extremely beneficial to my life. The first of the three Noble Truths concerns the diagnosis of humanity. That is to say, all humans have a fundamental problem and that problem is suffering. This fundamental problem is not something that one can hide from or ignore. It is something that calls for reflection coming to terms with the brute fact that human existence is attached to suffering. Suffering is ubiquitous. That is to say, suffering pervades all of human life. Therefore, all persons must accept suffering as a mere fact of existence. Suffering consists of, physical, mental and emotional suffering. For example, physical suffering would consist of having a disease, or getting into an injury such as a car accident. Mental suffering would consist of one who experiences depression, sadness and the like from the death of a loved one. Moreover, when one experiences frustration and anger from not getting what they want such as a baby who is hungry and cries or a child at a store and their parents won’t buy them a toy. Emotional suffering is They have to take medicine to help their own body sustain itself. Buddha states, “This, monks is the Noble Truth of Suffering; birth is suffering; decay is suffering; illness is suffering; death is suffering; presence of objects we hate is suffering;
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