The First Time I Learned About The Field Of Occupational

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The first time I learned about the field of Occupational Therapy was about six years ago when I was in high school. One of my best friends broke her hand and I remember her telling me that she was going to have to see an Occupational therapist. I asked what the difference was between an occupational and a physical therapist and she told me that they are basically the same thing. Looking back on it now, and using my experience to guide me, I realize that occupational and physical therapists do a lot of the same things, but they also do many different things.
In high school when I was trying to find out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I noticed that I had a knack for human biology and anatomy. After two different sports
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I have also worked with the individuals at
Pathway Services which is a place that assists those with special needs.
Another experience to see this field of study first-hand came to me when my father was in the hospital this past May. He had been in an accident on the farm when he was working on some machinery and he ended up being in the ICU for two weeks. The doctor had ordered for
OTs to come in and give him treatment so that he could get his legs moving when he was in bed since he could not walk. They also wanted to plan for accommodations for if or when he was able to get home because his bedroom is on the third floor of our house. This gave me another incentive to help those people who are in a similar situation as my dad was. His accident gave me so much more motivation to go get my Masters and be successful because I know that is what he would want me to do. He was my best friend and biggest fan on and off the court and I know it would make him happy seeing me following my dreams and doing what I love.
As for school, I found my freshman year very hard for me. I attended the University of
Missouri in Columbia and I went from not having to study very much in high school to having to study a lot. Also, I struggled with my time management because I could not figure
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