The First Use Of Vehicles During The U.s. Army

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THE FIRST USE OF VEHICLES IN THE U.S. ARMY 1 THE FIRST USE OF VEHICLES IN THE U.S. ARMY USAACE NCOA SFC Francis C. League 15E SLC 17-003 SFC Maradol THE FIRST USE OF VEHICLES IN THE U.S. ARMY 2 Since the founding of the United States innovations and technologies have intermittently intersected providing critical direction in how we fight on the battlefield. From breech-load cannons, fully automatic machine guns, airplanes, helicopters…to computers, night vision goggles, and lasers; each exerted influence on the trajectory of modern warfare. However, arguably one of the greatest innovations that forever changed the battlefield landscape was the advent of the motor powered vehicle. Motor powered…show more content…
ARMY 3 distance of one hundred and twenty miles on a tank of gas, (Model T Forum, 2010). This newfound speed to press an objective quickly could decisively change an outcome of a battle. In 1912, a forward thinking U.S. Army military leader, Captain Alexander E. Williams persuaded Quartermaster General James B. Aleshire, to approve an elaborate off-road military convoy operations test, (FourbyFour, 2016). The test evaluated the viability of motorized trucks as replacements for mules and wagons. Captain Williams visited several factories; Ford, Mack, Aldcn Sampson, Garford, White and the little known FWD, seeing what trucks the companies had to offer for the challenge. Of those companies only Mack, White and FWD fielded trucks that withstood the rigors of the exercise(s). A subsequent test involved supplying a provisional regiment throughout a one hundred and fifteen mile march from Dubuque, Iowa to Sparta, Wisconsin. And, although every truck that participated in the convoy broke down and needed repair at some point along the route, the exercise successfully demonstrated that trucks had a future use and purpose in the U.S. Army. In spite of this achievement, Captain Williams’s superiors were reticent in their approval to move the Quartermaster (QM) Corps into the mechanized age. Over the coming years, the events of the war in Europe laid the groundwork to the realities of
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