The First Vampire Queen Who 's The Worst Situation For Royalty Essay

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I 'm, undoubtedly, the first vampire queen who has to flee the country fifteen minutes after receiving her title. Believe me, it 's the worst situation for royalty. My father, King Arjun, decided to host a party with the most elite of the vampires. Our palace resided in the darkest corner of Romania, the place where my father and mother met a few centuries ago. Anyhow, the three story building screamed grandeur in every light, every curtain, every accomidity. The living room held a dome-like ceiling which raised the aesthetic value. All in all, it was the one place every vampire was jealous of. Needless to say, I received no surprise when all of it shattered later on. "I declare Reyna Nazpari Arjun Gupta the next queen," my father had just informed. His light green eyes flicked over the astonished faces of his friends and acquaintances as if daring them to object. No one moved a muscle. Trust me, the moment time seems to freeze, something 's wrong. I swallowed, blinking rapidly and maintaining a smooth smile, wishing the rush of my blood wouldn 't raise eyes. My younger brother, Dhruv, nudged me to skedaddle to my father who waited to place the crown on my head. Not exactly crown. He waited with a goblet of special liquid mixed with blood. Usually, an ancient warlock made a potion or a mixture for the royal figures which would enable those persons to exhibit more abilities and powers than they already had. "Go before someone beats you to it," Dhruv stage

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