The First Woman Out Of Three

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Ever since Darwin proposed the hypothesis that man and apes have common ancestry, the study of Primatology has been a main focus in the world of science. Wether or not the scientist were studying the relationship between ape and human or studying the basic way of life of apes, the study of Primatology has proven to be controversial and the subject of ridicule to its early pioneering scientists. In the past century, technology severely limited the study of primatology which means the scientist had to resort to gorilla tactics to study apes, and go into the jungle themselves. So, scientist like Jane Goodall, Birute Galdikas, Eugene Dubois, and Raymond Dart endured much ridicule at the time for their groundbreaking discoveries, but still paved the way for modern day anthropologists. Scientists’ current understanding of apes and their relationship to humans would not be the same today had it not been for the valiant efforts put forth by these firsts few.

Jane Goodall is the first woman out of three, known as the Trimates, to be sent by Louis Leakey, to study primates in their natural habitat. During her expedition, Goodall studied chimpanzees. She was the first person in history to ever to record the way chimpanzees act in their natural habitat. She observed them eating animals they hunted, eating other monkeys, and using tools to acquire more food. After, announcing her major discoveries Goodall was met with criticism by other researchers because of her lack of using…
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