The First World War II Era Showed Of Men And Women

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Pre World War II era showed that men and women had vastly different gender roles, which lead to separate ideas and beliefs between the two. During the 1930s, women were expected to stay at home and be the wife and mother. They could hold some jobs, but the job opportunities were limited to things such as teachers, clerks, and nurses; however the majority of husbands did not want the wives to work because of their expected gender roles and were still viewed as being weaker than men. Men also did not like that if their wife did work that they themselves would be viewed as not being able to support their family. Women were not only expected to act a certain way but to dress a certain way as well. Women wore dresses everywhere. It was vital to wear a dress no matter if it was at home or work. They would wear dresses that gave them a figure without using a corset and would flow (Hall 232). In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout challenges her role as a female but doesn’t know what her role in society is yet. Scout is a young girl who is blind to how society works for men and women; unknowingly she becomes a pioneer for woman’s rights at a young age in many ways including actions and how she dressed. Miss. Caroline is a teacher who follows society’s roles while Scout makes it a challenge for her. Miss Caroline has established the classroom environment in a very strict manner. She firmly establishes that she is the teacher and the students are to learn from her and not anyone
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