Essay about The First World War (WWI)

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Three Main Causes of World War I While we are always reminded of the negative effects of war, it is not everyday that we learn to understand the deeper factors of war that can turn a small conflict into an international outbreak. World War I was said to have been sparked by the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand but there are various deeper reasons that contributed to the commencement of the Great War. These factors include militarism, imperialism and the alliance systems. The first reason for the eruption of World War I was militarism. Militarism is the act of building up armies for threats against other countries – taking over new territory – and protection from other countries who decide to invade. In the 1900’s, the two…show more content…
This was achieved by strength through armies and naval protection, which gave the Empire a boost of confidence. As the Empire would have total control over the countries it protected, it would be provided with a false sense of absolute power. All these example led to the sense of invincibility in the Empires. This sense of invincibility grew into a desire to prove oneself as more powerful than anyone else who dare challenge, and of course, there was no better method than war. When the Archduke was assassinated, the Empires were finally given the opportunity to prove their worth through war. While most of the countries under control of the Empires had never fought in a large war, the power of their Empires instilled hope and determination, where a victory was sure to occur. While hope and determination are wonderful, they were rooted from power, which only leads to self-destruction. Imperialism was the cause of this self-destruction, which is otherwise known as World War I. The last contributing factor to the Great War is the alliance systems. As more military defense rose in several different powerful countries, governments had the idea of forming alliances. While alliances began as a means to ensure public and political safety, overall, they would only provide more terror and violence. For example, there were two major alliances: the Triple Alliance, consisting

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