The First Year Of Middle School

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The first year of middle school was a year of transition into a new world. I would be going to a new school and enhance my life academically and on a social level. Looking back at that year isn’t so pleasant. My new self today, sucked in numerous amounts of life lessons that contradict the person I was in sixth grade. Sixth grade was all about fitting in for me. I just wanted to be part of a crowd and be known. I didn’t care about my academics at the moment. However, I was lucky enough to be educationally talented and not get to astray in the learning environment. Personally, sixth grade was too overloaded with drama and the drive to be high in the social rankings. If I traveled back to sixth grade, I’d sucker punch myself for getting…show more content…
Most of my serious and intellectual emotions came from all the drama about fitting in. Helping people out with their drama and then fixing mine was all the emotions that I had that didn’t involve humor. Those emotions expanded from sympathy, to sadness, to motivational types of feelings. As it is noticed, those emotions were applied to the wrong things and even though at the moment they seemed like the end of the world, they were a tear in a bucket of other people’s actual dilemmas. All around, sixth grade was an overhaul of a popularity battle and centering my attention on fun and games. The second year of middle school was a period of learning my actions the hard way. My parents would always tell me, “If you don’t learn it by listening, life will teach you the hard way”. The hard way wasn’t hard, it was more petrifying. In seventh grade, I would go through an incredibly rough period mentally. I would be in a war with anxiety. These memories can be pictured instantly today; the intensity of my anxiety triggered that scar. It started out in the beginning of the year when I had a panic attack in first period. It felt like my sanity was gradually evaporating out of my body. I had to be escorted home because I thought something critical to my life’s condition was occurring. This event would be the beginning of a chain of anxiety that would lead to other negative thoughts that would haunt me all of
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