The Fish Salmon And Tuna

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As the world more focus and advance forward on building a better self (as a person), such as healthy diet, people consume a lot of fish in such pursue. Among all the fish Salmon and Tuna which are rich in protein. Matter of a fact according to “RAINCOAST TRADING” consumers sustainably-harvested gourmet canned seafood company nutrition fact state, same amount of canned Salmon 55g and Tuna 55g, tuna has cal: 90, protein: 17g while salmon has cal: 110, and protein: 13g. So, lot of people favor over Salmon and consume more Tuna. But the problem is how a lot of Seafood Company caught or got the tuna which is harmful fishing practices instead of traditional methods and growing global high demand for seafood. There are 8 species of tuna: Albacore (also called white tuna), Bigeye, Black fin, Atlantic Bluefin (also called Northern), Pacific Bluefin, Southern Bluefin, Long tail, and Yellow fin. Among all the seafood high demand, Atlantic Bluefin tuna is the most catching fish due to the popular traditional custom food for sushi and high protein. It’s not just that its characteristics is different from among its relative fish, they’re “warm-blooded”. Their circulation system allow 95% of heat generate by their muscles and keep themselves warmer than the surrounding water. This keeps its core muscles warm (used for power and steady swimming). Bluefin usually swim from 2.8-7.4km per hour but sometime 15km per hour. Blue prey on schooling fish like herring, mackerel, flying fish, and
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