The Fit Shop Essay

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The Fit Stop Overview The Fit Stop is a new firm that will be opening in the near future. The founder of the business is Susan Superfit. The company’s business objective is to sell all types of training, fitness, conditioning, and exercise equipment to the general public. The Fit Stop plans to specialize in this equipment and provide customers with personalized advice geared to customer needs. The owner, Susan suffered an injury while engaging in sports activities. She came up with the idea for this business during her recovery. She found that while there were plenty of business that sold fitness and conditioning equipment, they lacked in knowledge. They often gave poor advice on how to use the equipment and what was best to purchase…show more content…
There are three variable patterns into which these parts can be arranged, each pattern represents one type of managerial strategy. Each managerial strategy then relies on a different reward and compensation strategy. The three different managerial strategies are as follows; * Classical- which assumes most employees are lazy and dislike work but can be convinced in order to satisfy their economic needs. * Human Relations- assumes employees dislike work but can be induced to work in order to satisfy their social needs. * High-involvement- assumes that work can be intrinsically motivating to employees if the organization is structured properly. Each of the three managerial strategies has different implications for how the reward and compensations should be designed. In the case of the Fit Stop, it is a close choice between human relations and high-involvement. However, I believe that a High-involvement managerial strategy would be the best choice to implement. This strategy makes a major effort to create jobs that are both interesting and challenging and
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