The Five Act Model Summary

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Mr. Wright, idea, that the Bible is actuality in some wisdom authoritative and accurate for our Christian life. Mr. Wright point is that there is far more to God’s word then the issues of inerrancy. My opinion the inerrancy is due to human error in transcribing, change in words meaning, and witnessing from different points of view. Therefor the bottom line, the scriptures are God’s word. The authority of scriptures is the authority of God applied in scriptures. Therefore scriptures are to empower and direct the mission of the church and those that are faithful.
“The Five Act Model,” is a five part story, creation, fall, Israel, Christ and we live in the fifth chapter the Church. The five Acts represent the different stages which scriptures offer. It
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Mr. Wright’s opinion on, there is more to scriptures than the issues we find that are “infallibility and inerrancy.” As Christians we need to understand that the scribes and witnesses were men and as men we are fallible in our sinfulness. Therefore the revealing character of the Holy Spirit and the scriptures, emphasis, is based on God’s kingdom. Mr. Wrights conclude we should honor the biblical authority by reading, which is privately read and studied, liturgically grounded, appropriate and taught by the Church, which I fully agree with. If the teaching is sound on the biblical authority, I support Mr. Wright conclusion on, “Church accredited leaders, and refreshed by appropriate scholarship.” However I do question a very few “Church accredited leaders” like the Catholic Church, traditionally allowing reception of Holy Communion only after confirmation. The word is made flesh, “God’s fresh Kingdom-order to God’s people and thence to the
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