The Five Basic Elements Of Positiveness And Openness In A Personal Reflection

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As I gave feedback, I utilized the following skills: I provided feedback in a timely manner immediately after the skill check so that the account of my observations would be fresh in mind. I focused on actionable behaviors, rather than things she could not change. When she seemed flustered and forgetful, I suggested that she take a moment to gather her thoughts, and move slowly through the process until she felt calm and proficient. I used specific examples and concise language. When I noticed that the residents shoes were sticking out from under the side of the bed and looked like a trip hazard, I suggested that the head of the bed would be a safer place to put them.

I also made sure utilize and balance positive and negative feedback by making the quintessential positive/ negative/ positive sandwich. I was quick to compliment for her comfortable and friendly demeanor with the resident, then talked about my concerns with giggling and joking around with the wrong audience, then finished with positive observations on her overall skill and competence. I made sure to listen afterwards, and she explained her thoughts and realizations about how things had gone from her perspective, and ended with overall agreement and supportive feelings for each other.

Out of the five basic elements of caring communication, I chose to focus on positiveness and openness. Positiveness is shown by having self confidence, a positive, secure view of self, and by maintaining a favorable view of

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