The Five Case Studies : A Pre Knowledge And Skills Needs Assessment At The Newport, California Hospital

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The five case studies focus on different needs which, as the following analysis indicates, can be grouped under four broad categories;Learning needs, operational or tactical needs and strategic needs. Learning needs:These are gaps in knowledge and skills between the current and the desired conditions. An example is the needs assessment conducted at the Newport,California hospital . The author, Judy conducted a pre Knowledge and skills needs assessment to analyse the areas to be focussed . She also reviewed the past and current survey results on patient knowledge about herbal products .She benchmarked the survey results against industry standards and identified units that might require greater attention. During the preassessment phase…show more content…
Satyam’s strategic needs analysis to improve the profitability of resource utilization unit is an example of this need. Another example of strategic need assessment is the community health assessment conducted by Kaiser . The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ACA, requires nonprofit hospitals to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) at least once every three years. Kaiser Permanente has been conducting such assessment for many years to identify needs and resources in the communities and to guide the Community Benefit plans, The new legislation provides an opportunity to conduct such needs assessment and strategic planning processes on an ongoing process. One may also note that the needs assessment can address strategic issues pertaining to a large number of companies like the one conducted by Electricity Sector Council . Phase 2: Identifying the appropriate method to gather data for the needs assessment The needs assessment process relies on obtaining relevant data from the key stakeholders.Data collection and analysis are a critical part of the needs assessment process . As the five case studies illustrate, organizations use either one or a combination of more than one of the following methods to gather data: Interviews , focus groups, surveys,archival records,photographs and videos observation .The data collected by using one of these methods can either be qualitative or quantitative
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