The Five Characteristics Of Social Support By Michael Oher

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Social support refers to any kind of support that people can get from others (Seeman, 2008). Those supports include emotional support, giving others assistance and time, providing useful information and positive feedback. It cannot be denied that social support is one of the crucial elements that everyone needs and seeks for in their life as people always look for someone to depend on during difficulties and someone to share their happiness with when they are happy (Fairbrother, 2011). Without social support, people can hardly live happily because the only reason and motivation to live is gone. Throughout this movie, the concept of social support is being displayed strongly by others around Michael Oher. Below are the five characteristics of social support and their respective examples.…show more content…
This support will make people feel comfortable and not awkward in front of others as they know that there are someone else who understand their condition. For example, at the moment Michael asked Leigh Anne for a driving license, she asked for the reason of him wanting a driving license when he did not have a car. Michael was reluctant to answer but when Leigh Anne asked again, he said, “Because that is something that has my name on it.” Leigh Anne who understood his condition of not having anything to own since young, immediately knew what she needed to do next. Hence, not caring about how hard it might be to get a driving license for a homeless child, she went through all the problems - even to the extent of searching for Michael’s biological mother to ask for her permission to become his legal guardian and almost argued with her husband, Sean for not discussing that matter with him first. This emotional support portrayed by Leigh Anne helped Michael to realize that there was someone in his life who truly cared for
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