The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy

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I am going the review the Article "The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy" written by Micheal E. Porter. This article was published in Harvard business Review in year 2008.

This article has started revolutionary thinking about what are the different forces in addition to direct competitors that affect competitive strategy of an organization and how better understanding of industry structure and these forces, also known as " Porter 's Five Forces", derive organization 's strategy to achieve sustainability and higher profitability. Author has explained the other factors that contribute for industry structure like industry growth rate, technology and innovation, external factors, government & regulations and complementary products and services. Industry structure changes while responding to changes in competitive forces. Author also discussed the framework to perform industry analysis and avoid common pitfall while conducting analysis. In this review I will summarize five competitive forces explained by Micheal E. Porter and their implication on organization 's strategy. Further, I will discuss the relevancy of Porter 's five forces framework in current scenario.

2. Summary
Managers generally consider the rivalry among competitors as a major source for deriving strategy. As explained by the Michael Porter it is a narrow view of competition. A set of other parameters should be evaluated, mentioned in article as five competitive forces, along with industry…
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