The Five Context Of Communication

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The five context of communication are Intrapersonal Communication, interpersonal communication, group

communication, public communication, and mass communication.

Intrapersonal communication is when you have thoughts within yourself about things you want to say. It is often

called self-talk. You having conversation with yourself about things you would like to say or ask. For example, the

voice within you that tells you, “Keep on Going! I can DO IT!” when you are putting your all into completing a five

mile race; or that says, “This report I’ve written is pretty good.” Your intrapersonal communication can be positive or

negative, and directly influences how you perceive and react to situations and communication with
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My sister and I are very close and we usually are using the interpersonal

communication. I would say that interpersonal communication is the one I may be using the most.

Group communication is when a small group have a conversation all together. It can be a conversation among

friends or in a class room with your classmates. A group communication can be at a meeting at work as well, or

even having a conversation with some co-workers. For example, sitting with your friends and making plans to go

out. Every morning at my job when I make it early I always have a group communication. We sit in the office and just

talk about our day or what we will be doing during our day. I would that this is another context that I use a lot as well.

I 'm usually around people and be using the group communication.

Public communication is when one person speaks to a group of people. For example if we in a meeting the

supervisor is the one who is doing the public communication. Public communication can also be when someone

writes a message to a group of people. The person either speaking or writing back would be the public

communicator. In a public speaking situation, the group normally defers to the speaker. For example, the boss

speaks to everyone, and the sales team quietly listens without interruption. I have done public speaking before at

my church youth group. I was the leader
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