The Five Contexts Of Communication

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The Five Contexts of Communication
When referencing communication, Saylor’s textbook Business Communications for
Success lists the following five contexts or types of communication: intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, public, and mass communication. Each of these different forms of communication may mean very different things, but they all have the same end result – to get a message from a source to a receiver. No matter where it’s going or who it is coming from, a message is a message, any way you look at it. Each form of communication is experienced everyday all around the world.
Interpersonal communication is probably the most common form of communication. It is experienced most days of our lives when we go out with friends, speak to our significant others, or even meet with a tutor. Interpersonal communication is simply speaking to one other person besides yourself. Talking on the phone, sending an individual email, or even a text message can all be forms of interpersonal communication as well.
Intrapersonal communication is a big one as well. The concept of intrapersonal communication is when you are talking to yourself. When you are asking yourself how a first date went, and then answering yourself. No, you are not crazy; everyone does it! Other forms of intrapersonal communication could also be reciting lines to a play in your head, going over your answers to a test with yourself, or preplanning a conversation with a friend.
Group communication is a little bit more
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