The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team

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The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni is a leadership fable centered on a fictitious up and coming technology firm called DecisionTech. DecisionTech located outside of Silicon Valley. Patrick Lencioni used this fictitious technology firm and its executive team, also known as “The Staff,” with very diverse characteristics to explain his five dysfunctions of a team. In addition to how each of the dysfunctions can hurt not only the team but also the company. “The Staff” consist of:  Kathryn Petersen, the new Chief Executive Officer of DecisionTech, was not a normal CEO of a technology firm. Kathryn a fifty-seven-year-old who had a military and automotive industry background yet she had an extensive history of turning executive teams that were not functioning as a team to one cohesive unit.  Jeff Shanley, co-founder, board member, former CEO and now head of Business Development, ran DecisionTech into the ground when he was CEO. Jeff’s leadership style in and out of meetings was as if he was the Student Body President reading from a Manual.  Michele “Mikey” Bebe, head of Marketing, well known as a brand-building genius, but her attitude has a lot to be desired. What Mikey brings to the team is her opinion about how her past employment does things better than DecisionTech.  Martin Gilmore, founder, Chief Technologist, Inventor, and Engineer, produced and designed the original product of DecisionTech. Martin is from England and can come across as
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