The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team

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Besides the issues that we were experiencing as a team, we also were experiencing other issues from the entire college. For six years out of ten years no one in the college received a pay increase with their evaluations. This added to the issues within our team, and increased a decline in employee morale. Adding no pay increases or no type of incentive for rewards of doing a great job made many of the team members feel like nobody cared about the type of work we did. Especially, about the work ethic that we were trying to uphold even within our declining work environment. The dysfunctions of our team became apparent to not just the team members but also the students, and some faculty and staff members. My team displayed several characteristics from the book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. For several years things were great and the team success was the most important thing, especially watching our students excel in their daily lives especially while in our program. After reading the amazing book of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, I discovered some very important facts about our dysfunction. We didn’t just show up one day and we were dysfunctional it took a process to get to this point. If we had seen it coming could we have stopped the process from happening? After completing the team assessment for the five dysfunctions of a team, our team exhibited four dysfunctions out of five. I knew we were dysfunctional but to score into five dysfunctions was a little
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