The Five Factors of Operation Management

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1.0Executive Summary

2.0 Introduction 1

3.0 Competitive Priorities of the Organization and Business Level Strategy 1 3.1 Make sure that the way he manages the hotel is appropriate to the way it competes for business 3.2 Implement any change in strategy 3.3 Develop his operation so that it drives the long-term strategy of the hotel 4.0 How five performance objectives might have internal benefits? 6

4.1 Quality 6 4.11 Quality increases dependability 6 4.12 Quality reduces cost 6

4.2 Speed 7

4.3 Dependability 7 4.31Dependability saves money 8

4.4 Flexibility 8 4.41 Flexibility saves resources 8 4.42 Flexibility increase speed of response 9

5.0 Conclusion 9

6.0 References 10
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Building an automatic system to improve reliable and speed that ensuring JIT for collecting correct information of customer requirement, conveniently e-pay, delivering and exchanging information for corresponding with each departments, ensuring security; Offer continual training for staff to improve the standard quality of services, English and foreign languages speaking, handling these new automatic system and internet using; Adding the advertisement through TV, internet, high-income reader journal or fashion magazines and newspaper; Keeping and developing a high standard quality and low cost supply chain which including ensuring purchasing at the right quality, fast delivery, retaining flexibility, right prices; collecting and utilizing resources form internet or global; building physical distribution management and internet; keeping a high quality materials; building a good relation ship with suppliers.

4.0 How five performance objectives might have internal benefits?
4.1 Quality
Quality is placed first in our list of performance objectives because many authorities believe it to be the most important. There are two important points to remember when reading the
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