The Five Forces of Evolution

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There are five major forces behind evolution. One of these is genetic drift which is a sudden or drastic change in the gene pool of a small population due to a sudden event that wipes out part of the population. An example of this could be a population of butterflies that varies from light to dark that live in a garden. If the garden was suddenly re-planted with just white flowers, the population's gene pool would skew towards the light side. This would happen because the dark butterflies would no longer be able to camouflage since they wouldn't blend in with the white flowers. This would make the dark butterflies more vulnerable to predators, so they will be eaten much more than the lighter butterflies. This permanently changes the gene pool of this population of butterflies by removing the darker ones and reducing the allele(s) for dark coloration in the population and, as a result, increases the allele(s) for light coloration. Over time this population would evolve to be lighter due to white flowers because of the adaptation of individuals. This would be a stabilizing selection because genetic diversity would decrease in the gene pool because the butterflies would tend to be white. This would be genetic drift because all the dark butterflies would be killed by predators, and this results in a small population whose numbers have experienced a change in population that affects the gene pool. There are, of course, the other four driving forces behind evolution that
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