The Five Fundamental Patterns Of Knowing In Nursing

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Patterns of knowing The five fundamental patterns of knowing are empirical, aesthetical, personal, ethical and sociopolitical. The patterns or ways of knowing help with the development and application of nursing knowledge. Empirical knowing embodies “factual and publicly verifiable descriptions, empiricism and theoretical explanations or predictions” (Carper, 2012 p.25). In my Oncology setting the science of nursing is very relevant to practice. I use science daily in calculating body surface area for chemotherapy drugs, chemotherapy protocols and febrile-neutropenia protocols with the initiation of specific antibiotics are some examples. Empirical knowing provides facts from empirical research for nursing care and interventions. Aesthetical knowing is known as the “art and act” of nursing, it highlights empathy. This pattern of knowing recognizes the nurse’s perception of what is significant in an individual patient’s behaviour (Carper, 2012). I utilize the art of nursing by acknowledging the patient’s feelings and being present for them during a difficult time and the ability to establish a meaningful connection with the patient. Personal knowing refers to the “expressions of the quality and authenticity of the interpersonal process between each nurse and each patient, it looks at the interpersonal relationships of nursing” (Fawcett, Watson, Neuman, Walker, Fitzpatrick, 2001, p. 25). Personal knowing in Oncology setting is shown by forming therapeutic
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