The Five Fundamentals Of Becoming An Exemplary Leader

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Before reading Learning Leadership: The five fundamentals of becoming an exemplary leader and The First Ninety Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels, I had a very vague sense of what my strengths and weaknesses were. I know that public speaking has never been a high point for me unless, I felt very confident in the material I am presenting. In retrospect, these particular weaknesses are symptoms of larger issues that are clearly illustrated in detail in these books. Before going into the assignment, I was aware that acknowledging my strengths would be much more challenging than finding my weaknesses. This issue comes into play every six months when I sit down with my supervisor. When I am provided with a…show more content…
From that experience alone, I began to improve my thoughts about titles and leadership. That fact that I see transcripts every day from high school students no longer phases me but to see an application for a transfer student stood out to me because that is not part of a typical day’s work. To improve even more so I have scheduled time have one on one sessions with the freshman admissions staff at the main campus to review transcripts. All applications are sent directly to Main Campus no decisions are made at Ambler unless there are walk-ins or it is Transfer Decision Day (where a decision is given on the spot).

Believing You Can from part two of Learning Leadership: The five fundamentals of becoming an exemplary leader, was something that stuck out sharply to me. When I started evaluating not only my work presence but also my life. My inner voice of self-doubt comes into play all the time, whether it be work and school related or relationship related. As an admissions counselor this is likely to play a role because I am very likely to bring my heart to work. I can recognize this as a good trait to have, but, will need to make an adjustment to for the well -being of the University or college and for the student. Of course, there will be training, and from my Practitioner Interview Synopsis, I learned that training is never officially over. There are rare instances where
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