The Five Gaps Of Customer Service In The Hospitality Industry

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Customer service is very important element in hospitality industry. A good restaurant or a good hotel always have an excellent service first. Hotels and restaurants put added value in their products and service make guest love it. Some hotels give guest drink when they arrived or prepare small birthday gifts to their loyalty guests. But sometimes hotels spend lots of money to added value of customers’ experience but customers still don’t like their service. So, what’s happening? Hotels gave service and improved service are not customers needed or most needed. That’s the gap between you and your customer. “You know your hotel inside out, but do you ever see it through your guests' eyes? In many cases, there is a disconnect between what hoteliers think…show more content…
Gap 1: Consumer expectation vs. management perception gap. This gap is manager group doesn’t even know what are customer needed. They should read customers complains and change their service. Gap 2 Management perception vs service quality specification gap. Sometimes manager know they have problems and mistakes when they serve their guests. But they don’t change it may because they don’t have a good manager team. Gap 3: Service quality specifications vs service delivery gap. Managers may know what guests need and they changed their service better. But when employees deliver service that still cannot be perfect. People made mistakes and managers should train their employee avoid mistakes. Gap 4: Service delivery vs external communications gap. Hotel give excellent image to customers. But when they deliver their service customers don’t feel same as their expectation. Gap 5: expected service vs perceived service gap. This one is the gap that include all other 4 gaps. When managers and employees bridging the gaps and it can help them deliver better service and products. Made more added value in their
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