The Five General Perspectives On Human Behavior

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The five general perspectives on human behavior used are the biological perspective, the learned perspective, the social and cultural perspective, the cognitive perspective and the psychodynamic perspective. These five perspectives can help us to understand just how a relationship can begin when two people meet. How their relationship might develop, and how the relationship will be maintained. All of the perspectives play a part in how we begin a relationship and how the relationship will be maintained over time. Throughout the course of this paper we will compare and contrast how these perspectives impact our behavior in a loving relationship. I will use my own marriage with my wife to show how each of the perspectives contributed to the beginning of our relationship, the maintenance of our relationship and how the differences have had a negative impact on our relationship. The first time I met my wife was at a party in an Army barracks in 2001. We were both stationed in Giessen Germany. I was typically shy and did not really know how to talk to her even though I was interested. I used our military background as a way to start a conversation even though it wasn’t very good. All through growing up I was generally shy around the opposite sex and was never really that outgoing with my feelings for fear of rejection. My wife was interested in me rather quickly and even though I couldn’t express how I felt she still came to me. We left the party and spent the rest of the night
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