Essay about The Five Hour Energy Supply

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The Five Hour Energy Supply

The small drink that promises big energy and alertness without have jitters plays a role in most teenage and adult lives. This 5- Hour Energy’s audience is multitasking, working professionals. The market demand has increased a tremendous amount since the product had hit the store shelves in the year 2004. Each bottle contains high doses of vitamin B, caffeine, and energy blend. "This is a no-nonsense drink," Sperber said. "It is not a fashion statement. It doesn't have a cool name; it is just a simple grab-and-go product to help busy adults when they can't afford a letdown." Each 2- ounce bottle contains zero grams of sugar, about the same amount of caffeine as in a small coffee, and 4 calories. This
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“What has changed is the marketing explosion of this over the past 20 years. What first catered to athletes and body builders is now a mass market product to provide you energy regardless of your activity.” ( Red Bull came a product to the market, when it came out the mass market was embraces and exploded the brand. When Red Bull was a main target for people, other companies would start to mimic Red Bull’s success. Most of them failed, while only a selected few continues to grow and pass the market share. At the time when energy drinks such as the Red Bull and Monster drinks were getting bigger, one company changed the trend completely and went smaller in the size. The company that decided to change the size of the bottle happens to be the 5- Hour energy drink. This drink had changed the landscape by providing the amount of energy boost by decreasing the size of the shot. With every other improvement due to the market, people now face resistance, but when the 5-Hour Energy came out to the
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